Benefits of Hiring People Experiencing Disability


As an Employer, the benefits of hiring people experiencing disability are plentiful, and include:

Retention: Studies have shown that people experiencing disability tend to remain loyal to their Employers, becoming long-term productive members of their teams. This can reduce the recruitment costs and save you money in the long run.

Ready to work: The role of the Employment Professional is to work with the Employer to understand their employment needs. The Employment Professional then trains the employee to come to the Employer ready to fill those employment needs. The Employment Professional can also provide onsite Job Coaching to ensure the employee learns all aspects of the job, to the Employer's specifications.

No accommodations needed: The majority of people experiencing disability do not require special accommodations in order to perform their jobs effectively.

Diversity: Diversifying the workforce to include people experiencing disability will help Employers meet labour needs.

Productivity: A diverse workplace that includes people experiencing disability proves to be more productive and harmonious than non-inclusive workplaces. This can lead to more productivity at the worksite.

Economic power: The buying power of people experiencing disability in Canada is approximately 20 billion dollars. People will spend their money where they see equity in the workforce. Inclusive Employers know this and therefore have an advantage.

All of these benefits create a competitive advantage for your business.


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