Community Cruising


What is Community Cruising?

Community Cruising is a powerful tool when used correctly.  Community Cruising empowers Job Seekers to actually see the tasks involved in a workplace.  The Community Cruising process will help Job Seekers identify “what else” is involved in the job they would like. 


When do you do a Community Cruise?

Prior to doing a Community Cruise, the Job Seeker has completed the process of work interest inventories and a personal narrative and developed some themes of interest areas.


Why is Community Cruising important?

Community Cruising is the process of going into a business and looking to see all of the duties involved in a position.  Sometimes Job Seekers glamourize a jobsite and don’t see the actual day to day tasks that need to be completed.  This can include things like mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms or wiping down tables.  These may not be the glamorous parts of being a hostess in a restaurant but they are tasks that need to be done.  Yes, the job also includes tasks such as welcoming guests and showing them to their tables (the glamorous part).  Community Cruising helps the Job Seeker see all parts of a position.


What’s the best approach for Community Cruising?

Community Cruising is not meant to be a group activity, but rather one-on-one time with an Employment Professional and the Job Seeker.  Its intent is for a Job Seeker and Employment Professional to narrow down the job search and then explore the options that are left to find the best match possible.  There is no limit to the number of businesses that a Job Seeker may choose to visit.  The right number will be when the Job Seeker has enough information to make an informed choice about the type of job he or she wants to apply for.


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