Employer Expectations


It is important for Job Seekers to realize that Employers have certain expectations of their employees and it is the Employment Professional’s role to help make the Job Seeker aware and work on areas that the individual may find challenging.   By preparing the Job Seeker for these expectations we can lead down the path towards success in the job.

What does an Employer expect from his/her employees?

1. They come to work on time, meaning they are at their stations and ready to work when the shift begins. 

2. They are dressed and groomed appropriately for the workplace.

3.They take direction well, meaning when co-workers or supervisors give instructions on what to do or how to do the job better, they make sure they understand the request and implement it into their workday.

4. They get along with their co-workers during their shift and during breaks, by being friendly and helpful.

5. They have a positive attitude.

6. They are honest.

7. They ask questions, or ask for help when they are unsure of their duties.

8. They have good work attendance.


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