Helping Your Student Get a Social Insurance Number


In Canada, no one can work without having a Social Insurance Number.  When the students you work with try to get a job, he/she will have to provide the Employer with a Social Insurance Number. The students you work with may need your help in getting a Social Insurance Number.  Any student who needs a Social Insurance Number can visit any Service Canada Office.  Below is a link to the Service Canada Offices in Saskatchewan.

There is no fee to apply for a Social Insurance Number.  The student will required to take an original Birth Certificate to any Service Canada office.  These offices have people there to help anyone go through the process of applying for a Social Insurance Number.  If the student is not sure if he/she already has a Social Insurance Number, the staff at the Service Canada Office can help, but the student will require his/her original Birth Certificate.

For more information on applying for a Social Insurance Number, click here.

To download this information, click here.