Helping Your Student Get a Social Insurance Number

Helping Your Student Get a Social Insurance Number (SIN) 

In Canada, no one can work without having a Social Insurance Number (SIN).  When the students you work with try to get a job, they will have to provide the Employer with a SIN. The students you work with may need your help in getting a SIN.  Any student who needs a SIN can visit any Service Canada Office.  Below is a link to the Service Canada Offices in Saskatchewan.

There is no fee to apply for a SIN. The student will be required to take an original birth certificate to any Service Canada office where trained professionals will be able to help if the person applying for a SIN requires assistance. If the student is not sure if they already has a SIN, the staff at the Service Canada Office can help, but the student will require their original birth certificate.

For more information on applying for a Social Insurance Number, click here.

To download this information, click here.