What Can EmployLink Do For Me?


Service Providers across the province of Saskatchewan are ready to help you in the Supported Employment journey. You are not alone; there are people who can help you. Service Providers have Employment Professionals that can provide you with:

Pre-screened applicants:

The Employment Professional will meet with you to learn about your business and bring you a Job Seeker who has the skills you need. This can reduce the time and money you spend on recruiting new employees.


The Employment Professional can provide you with staff and management training and/or resources to deal with the integration of new employees.

“On-boarding” services:

The Employment Professional can help prepare the Job Seeker with orientation, breaking the job down task by task, and coaching to ensure a smooth transition for both the Job Seeker and you.

Ongoing support:

Support will be available on an ongoing basis for the new employee and you as the Employer – it’ll be there as long as you need it.

The ultimate goal is that you get an employee who meets your current labour market need! Service Providers will work with you to ensure this happens.

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