I Want to Find Employment

Once you decide it's the right time for you to seek employment, there are a few things you need to do. Finding an Employment Professional to help you find the right job for your interest and skills can set you up for success. 

Finding a Supported Employment agency: To locate an agency that offers Supported Employment services in your area, you can contact Labour Market Services (LMS), a branch of the Government of Saskatchewan’s Ministry of the Economy.  They can also be located in your local phone directory or on Canada 411:  http://www.canada411.ca/ .  The Labour Market Services consultant will be able to direct you to an agency that specializes in Supported Employment. Some of these agencies need a referral from LMS in order to provide services so in contacting LMS first you may be cutting down your wait with the agency. You can also contact SARC by telephone at (306)933-0616 or email EmployLink@sarcan.sk.ca for more support finding a Supported Employment agency close to you. You can find a listing of EmployLink Service Providers who can help you by clicking here.



Once you have found an agency in your community, phone to set up an appointment. If you have never worked with them to find a job, they will need to complete an “Intake Form” with basic information like your name, age, education etc.

Once you have found an Employment Professional, they may help you with the following steps:


1. Discovery

After the first meeting with your Employment Professional, you may do some assessments in a “Discovery Package”; this will help the Employment Professional understand your skills, abilities and preferences. This could take several visits to complete, but it’s a very important step in getting you the job you want.


2. Community Cruising

Once you complete the discovery process the Employment Professional may set up a variety of “Community Cruises” in different businesses.  You and the Employment Professional will go to a variety of businesses to learn about what types of jobs exist.  This will give you the chance to see what a business does, the types of jobs they have and if you are interested in any of them.


3. Resumes and Cover letters

With the help of your Employment Professional, you will need to write a resume and cover letter to give to potential employers. 


4. Applying for Jobs

Once you have your resume and cover letter ready, you're ready to start applying for jobs! The Employment Professional will help you to review all of the workplaces you visited in your Community Cruise as well as all of the available jobs in your community that meet your interests.


5. Preparing for Job Interviews

The Employment Professional will help you to prepare for the interview.  You may do pretend interviews to practice your skills before going to the interview.


6. Getting a Job

From there it is time to secure the job; it is a wild adventure that you are in control of, so buckle up and enjoy the experience!

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