Why Would I Get a Job?


People work for many different reasons, including to earn money or to do something that they really enjoy.  Some reasons people go to work are:

1. To earn money 

Do you want to earn your own money?  When you make your own money from working, you get to decide what you do with it.  With money come opportunities and responsibilities.  When you earn your own money you can support yourself and pay for things you need. 

2. To learn new skills 

You may learn to do something you never thought you could do!

3. To explore interests 

This may help you to find something you like to do and turn it into a job for you.

4. To meet new people 

These people may start as co-workers, but could become friends who help you at work.

5. To build confidence

When you have a job, you can be confident in your abilities and what you can offer your Employer.

6. To contribute to the community  

We all contribute to our community in some way.  As an employee, you contribute by earning money that you then spend in the community.  You also become a tax payer who contributes to the good of the community. 

7. To provide for their family

Having a job and earning money helps people provide things like a home, food, and clothing for their family.

8. To increase independence

When you have a job you can be more independent.  There are many ways your independence can increase.  You may learn to ride the bus to work, you may learn to manage a bank account, and you may decide that you want to live in your own place.  The options to increase your independence are unlimited!


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